Tell it Slant


Tell it slant. Pallas projects.                                                                                                                         5 piece photographic series/ mono prints and installation.

Tell it Slant Loretta Moore                                     …only real when shared 2013. Photographic series (1/5).

…only real when shared (2013) is an installation documenting a journey made through Yeats country, a western coastal area of Ireland. Inspired by William Butler Yeats’ and his visualising of this landscape through words, I covered the same paths as he to draw what I experienced. With Yeats’ notions of ‘fulfilment of human existence through art’, in my thoughts, I began to document my journey on one long scroll. Interested in communicating my experiences I tore the drawings from the scroll and sent them via helium balloon to be shared with the unknown. As the capsules were sent into the sky, Yeats’ imagery of horsemen of the Fianna that were still haunting the land were also in my mind. This imagery of the Fianna’s heroic actions is said to represent on a spiritual plane the actions of which individuals and artists imitate in their quest for realisation of the self. The title of this work came from the understanding that happiness is…only real when shared.

Within the gallery space hung relief prints, outlines of the torn sections of the scroll were sent. Photographs documenting each of the 5 moments and locations of the paper releases. The bicycle and helium tank taken on the journey also made up the installation.


2 Tell it Slant Loretta Moore                              …only real when shared 2013. Photographic series (3/5).


Tell_It_Slant_small_1_900_598_s                                …only real when shared. 2013. Bicycle and helium tank installation.


Tell_It_Slant_small_2_900_598_s                                …only real when shared. 2013. Relief print and photo installation.

2013-09-27 17.51.07

2013-09-27 17.51.13

19 Tell it Slant

Tell it Slant was a group exhibition centred round the theme of language. The exhibited work was produced by ten emerging artists and curators, who were all either current or past gallery interns at Pallas projects, Dublin. The exhibition was presented as a manifestation of varied and multi-faceted interpretations, addressing a broad range of subject matter. This encompassed the focus on communicative processes, literary sources, and the role of language in animal/human relationships, cultural differences and emotional states.
It was intended that the viewer would be enabled to consider, in expanded terms, the role of language as a basic (but hugely influential) construct within each artist’s individual practice. Collaboration was paramount to the exposition of these different viewpoints and perspectives on a central, overarching theme. It is this collective, unifying stance which provides a contextual relevance for the exhibition. The group exhibitions tile was inspired by Emily Dickinson’s poem Tell all the truth but tell it slant.