Secondary objects

Museum Voldenkenden, National museum of Ethnology. Leiden                                     Research centre for material culture                                                                                               5 min video loop and block print installation.

Loretta Moore 1

…Accidental damage or otherwise                                                                                            could infect the archive with its permanence of ink.                                                               For this case pens are not permitted.                                                                                         Operating with graphite is the only means possible                                                                    to categorise name, number and label the lost…

Secondary objects (2017) is a video piece which takes a journey across the overlooked objects of the RCMC archive and Museum Volkenkunde.

It explores the beauty of the invisible and the power of the most basic material elements. It documents glass museum displays that we so intently stare through, we make invisible. The auxiliary process of the artist is highlighted. With a block print series being created from graphite sketches which were drawn with a stolen archivist’s pencil, at the Museum Volkenkunde. The museum is a space that we can imagine landscapes beyond our own.

Loretta Moore 3

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…This is the tool of the archivist.                                                                                                   The observations the thoughts the concepts and notions                                                             are also contained within this graphite world                                                                                 with this lost pencil of the archive we too can explore the world of the archivist             and their relationship with the archive.

As an artist and a dyslexic I’ve always written in pencil.                                                         Graphite may seem as an apologetic material to write in.                                                     Pencilled in moments that may or may not happen.                                                                 Thoughts and statements that could be removed easily.

Though this seemingly insignificant material of secondary object                                             was once what lay between the Nobel prize for physics                                                               A thin flake of graphene found in an ordinary pencil                                                                 Though artists have been trying to harness the power of carbon for centuries…


Objects and affects