How do you draw a soft border?

Durational performance: 3 hours                                                                                                       Machina ex Deo. Zaal 3, The Hague.

  With funding from the Thomas Dammann Junior Memorial Trust Fund


As one burns another is created                                                                                                         As one exits another remains                                                                                                           As one line is drawn another is uncertain

How do you draw a soft border?                                                                                                         HB without leaning to hard                                                                                                             Or 6B softer in its construction,                                                                                                 though bolder in its use

this is a diverting narrative                                                                                                                 like unapproved roads                                                                                                                       it begins without any certain end point…

This durational performance took place at the Zaal 3 theatre almost one year to the date when Britain voted to exit the European Union. With mass uncertainty to the positioning of a hard or soft borderline between the republic and north of Ireland due to the implications of the exit I wrote and preformed a repeated text. It was spoken individually to each visitor of the exhibition at points of our chance intersection.

An ongoing research project.


Machina ex Deo Royal Academy