Foghorn #4. The dance

17th March 2017. St. Patrick’s Day                                                                                                   KABK, The Hague.                                                                                                                       Performance 8 mins


Foghorn #4 Process video and performance documentation

As the performer enters the space the sound of footsteps follower her, though she is walking alone. Wearing double heeled Irish jig shoes, (a heel on the front as well as on the back) she appears to be mimicking her own footstep. Leading up to this performance on the Irish national/international holiday of St Patrick over an eight week training, a single jig reel was repeated multiple times daily. The sounds from these sessions were recorded and layered to create a soundtrack to accompany the performance. With every double hit of the heel this hard repetitive action creates a violent rhythmic audio piece. The shoe as an object forces the wearer to structure their movement accordingly and the strict training routine puts the performer in a similarly restricted mind set.

The motivational thinking behind Foghorn# 4 was in questioning the widely practised ritual of drinking to excess to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. My interest also being in a global phenomena of adopting being Irish for this day. As world monuments from the leaning tower of Piza to the Sidney opera house are lit up in green, the minds of many are wiped out. In celebrating a nation must we drink on this day so much that we often forget? We should instead emphasise our nation of great minds as we have given the world Yeats and Joyce and have invented the Beaufort scale to the submarine.

The Irish dancing shoe is an object specifically related to the identity of my nation and was used to mimic the self in a way. The shadow of the self, or the doppelgänger of my identity. A splitting of identity through the double heel occurs. The question no longer becomes of national identity but one of intellectual identity. With this repetitive focused movement there is this doubling of the self, where two voices appear from this instrument of the shoe.

Foghorn # 4 Audio