Foghorn #2. The flag

Foghorn# 2 -The flag                                                                                                                             Mono print flag. 70x105cm

The flag, printed in murky purple hues of nobility, flies proudly with its motif of a bare buttocks.

This flag was created with its motif to represent and document the ambiguous act of forming the new language in Foghorn #1. It is a mono print of my skin contact with the floor, when in a crossed legged position, when preforming the spoken language of Foghorn #1.

Mud-like lilac mixture resembles discarded colours left over by other institutions. It is a colour which represents a territory claim, unlike any other semiotic combination gone before.

flag 1 - Copy

The bare buttocks motif is a symbol of defiance against the institution, in this act of mooning. The flag instead moons the audience. The courtyard was an alternative place to preform, away from the polite space of the academy’s gallery and open day. Though it was a charged political space due to its context and positioning of the courtyard. It was a space of semi-public display, contained safely behind the bars of the art institutes railings.