Research funded by: Mary Cawley Travel Bursary

Diffusion (2014) was a project brought out of another. It followed on from a film installation In ruin (2013) a film screening in the eves of a decaying storage building. A silent 8min film of disjointed narrative, it documents the eerie stillness of Dublin’s resonantly abandoned industrial buildings in the post Celtic tiger era.


1 Ruine Lust  (2014) 16mm film installationIn ruin, 2013. 8min film.


22-ruine-lust-2014-video-stills                                  In ruin, 2013. Film stills.


1 Diffusion (2014) Exhibition poster

Diffusion explores the now dissolved paper industry in Dublin. It continues and expands on the abstract narrative from In ruin to journey to the still operating traditional Danish paper mills. Here local and government incentives still operate the mills to keep the industries alive that founded most of these towns. With specialist equipment and workshops I gained the methods to create this paper installation consisting of over 2,000 paper elements. A sound recording of the mills water system and machinery belts play throughout the conical shapes. Smell diffusers of moss and oil cling to the papers. Empty and abstract slides light up the installation.

1 Diffusion (2014) Paper sound and smell diffuser installation Loretta Moore                   Diffusion, 2014. Sound, light and smell installation.

2 Diffusion (2014) Paper sound and smell diffuser installation       Diffusion, 2014. Light projections.

4  Diffusion (2014) Paper sound and smell diffuser installation                  Diffusion, 2014. paper structures with smell and sound elements.


12 Danish paper factory still (2014) Diffusion, 2014. Danish paper factory.


13 Danish paper factory still (2014)

Diffusion, 2014. Danish paper factory workshops.















3 Ruine Lust (2014) Loretta Moore    In Ruin, 2014. still.


5 'Ruine Lust' (2014) Screen projection painting Loretta Moore

In Ruin, 2014. Projector screen/ painting. 120 x 85cm.

2014-11-06 18.24.572014-11-06 18.25.06